Spanish Resources

Here is a list of different resources that I often use when working with Spanish.  I will add more as I get them!  I hope you find them as helpful as I do!

SpanishDict is a wonderful online dictionary that I use as an additional resource to a dictionary.  As most language teachers will tell you, this should not be used as your sole resource in finding Spanish words, only as a secondary one!  Also, SpanishDict has the capability of translating whole sentences from English to Spanish and vice versa.  This feature should only be used as a guide, not as something to rely on.  Direct translations never work like they are supposed to, so don’t rely on them completely!

Real Academia Española is an excellent resource for finding information on Spanish terminology and context.  It has a huge library of terms and vocabulary, and the information that it gives is all reputable and accurate.  I use this more often than SpanishDict due to it’s reputability.  A great resource for beginning Spanish all the way up to fluent Spanish speakers!  That being said, the definitions for the words are in Spanish, so beginning speakers may become frustrating at not being able to understand the definition.


WordReference is probably my favourite Spanish dictionary.  It has a lot of words in many languages and there are sample sentences with each one.  As well, if the expression you’re looking for is more colloquial, there are often forums that come up when you type the expression in, and experienced speakers will tell you what the equivalent expression is.


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