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LeviTrap SP

We’ve all taken those terrible road trips over dirty, dusty roads that make us half wish we’d stayed home. So, if an option existed enabling you could take those beautiful old roads dust-free, would you be interested? Of course.

LeviTrap SP is a newly developed heavy-dust suppressant that can help those dust-free dreams come true. This product is used in trafficked areas that are prone to lots of dust. The product is applied onto a road by a sprayer, either handheld or machine, and that’s it! Simple, right? The complicated part is in the science behind LeviTrap SP.

This whole process is similar to the effect of a sprinkle of rain on a dirt road. The dust is suppressed due to the water, but as soon as the sun comes back out, the water is gone and the dust returns. This product, however, ingrains itself into the particles of dust that would normally bounce up into the air. Unlike water, it does not evaporate, and thus keeps the dust locked up tight on the ground.

The truly amazing part of LeviTrap SP is that there is little need to apply maintenance to the product once it has been sprayed. Occasionally at intersections, a small amount will need to be reapplied to ensure the dust stays in its place. Users will tell you that one application of this product can last years without maintenance, and the only places that will need replenishing will be locations where tire wear is the highest, such as intersections, as mentioned above, or curves in the road. Luckily, there is no shelf life for LeviTrap SP, so there is no wasted money on an expired product, which always makes for a happy customer.

Other than regular wear and tear, dust can sometimes be seen in areas that were previously sprayed, but this is only because the dust came from somewhere else and was deposited in that location. In these kinds of situations, the owner would just need to apply a bit more of the product, and the new, “foreign” dust would be trapped along with the old, previously taken care of dust.

In high, heavy traffic locations, LeviTrap SP helps in keeping dust down, but also eliminates mud as an added bonus. This is because once the product is spread, there is no need to spray the dust with water in order to keep it down, so there is no water to form mud. This makes for a safer environment that is easy to maneuver in.

All in all, LeviTrap SP enables drivers to have a dust-free environment, whether it is for work or play. Since it is not regulated by any particular agency and is 100% eco-friendly (can be contacted here), there is no difficulty or reason not to apply this product where needed. It makes for better vacations and thus, dust-free memories. 

For Your Information

The K.T. Foundation Gives Back

Every year, there are children who do not wake up Christmas morning with a brightly coloured presents from Santa under the tree. In fact, Christmas can be a hard time of year for many families when money is tight. Children expect many toys from Santa and often the parents can’t deliver. In times like these, the real superheros come into play, like The Knights Thriving Foundation Inc, otherwise known as the K.T. Foundation. This group was created by Rayland Van Blake , Rege C. Lewis and K.T. Nelson and is based out of Harlem.

This year, the foundation co-sponsored the annual toy drive put on by Denny Moe’s Barbershop. Along with Carl Banks, the Superbowl winner, the toy drive allows less fortunate children to have toys and gifts they normally wouldn’t be able to afford. The drive was able to bring in over 250 toys which ensured that each child would have several toys waiting under the tree for them on Christmas morning.  The drive is made possible because of Shaun Derik’s holiday party and some of Broadway’s best came out to support this worthy cause.


The organization collected toys during the annual Good Night Holiday Jazz party, and the crowds of children, many of which were brought by family services, eagerly spilled into the venue to join the celebrations. The night was one full of cheer and uncontrolled excitement for the children that have so little of their own, but also for the organizations and volunteers for the toy drive. After all, who doesn’t love spreading a little holiday cheer?


To top off the whole event, the children were treated with a visit from Santa himself and after the toys were handed out, he sat down and read them a story, much to the delight of the parents, volunteers, and children. After this wonderful event, K.T. Foundation continued sharing the holiday cheer by donating more toys from the overflow of the toy drive to the sick children at Harlem hospital, helping ensure that no child would miss out on the Christmas fun. The last of the toys went to the National Action Network Toy Drive which took place on Christmas Day.


The Christmas season is all about sharing with one another and helping those who don’t have the means to make Christmas special for the young ones. K.T. Foundation Inc, along with their co-sponsor and Denny Moe’s Barbershop, helped make Santa real for many little ones who feared that he wouldn’t find them this year. Christmas is a magical time for everyone, and all children deserve a chance to feel that magic, so they can pass it on to the future generation. To find out more information about K.T Foundation Inc, please click here!


Holiday Spirit

As the holidays take over my usually frazzled life, I find that the holiday spirit is a little hard to grasp onto this year. I’ve done the usual decorating and eaten way too many cookies, but it seems as though I am in a grinch mood. These past few days have been spent baking, however, and as I put the finishing sprinkles on my mouthwatering shortbread cookies, I found myself starting to feel the first tingles in the pit of my stomach.

Cooking has always been pretty enjoyable for me, but baking is another story. I always get frustrated and give up if I’m making cookies and I can’t get them in the right shape, or I spill batter on the counter, or I get my hands sticky and then touch my phone. It gets even worse if I manage to get them in the oven, only to have them mould themselves into a cookie blob in the middle of the pan. Sure, a good taste is the most important part about baking, but the cookies have to be somewhat presentable, don’t they?

So, when I started baking a couple of days ago, I wasn’t sure how it was going to go. I knew that one little mistake would send me roaring off in a tizzy and any hopes of getting my holiday spirit would be out the window. I was pleasantly surprised, though, that when I did make the mistake of adding double the sugar (I swear, I thought the recipe said 2 tablespoons!), I got upset, but just carefully started spooning the sugar back out until it looked more reasonable. I was so impressed with myself that the rest of the baking adventure went by without a hitch!

Now, at the end of it all, I have two batches of severely misshapen peanut butter cookies, a slightly undercooked batch of ginger cookies, and two perfect batches of shortbread! I then had the brilliant idea to slather them in frosting and then throw a couple of sprinkles on there, just to complete the whole experience.


As I finished baking, I was so glad to see that I could still touch the magic of the holiday season, even if it took two weeks and five batches of cookies to achieve it. I guess growing up means that you have to find the holiday spirit by helping others instead of excitement over what you yourself will receive or gain. Sure, it’s corny, but it’s the truth, and I look forward to doing even more giving next year.

So, with the whole wonderful adventure behind me, I now find myself ready for the hot chocolate, fire place, and Christmas carols. Just in time, too! What are some of your favourite ways to get into the holiday spirit? What are some traditions that you want to share with the future generations?

Happy holidays!


Part of my World

Writing involves many exciting jobs in preparation, like reading or researching, memorizing a thesaurus, or maybe even travelling. The best task, though, is the people watching. We all do it, whether we want to admit it or not. As writers, we have an excuse; to find new characters!

Image Credit: (Google)
Image Credit: (Google)

Characters can either make or break a story, do you have to make sure they’re great ones. The only way to do that realistically is by basing them off of ear leak people, am I right? What are some of the places that you go to in order to get interesting people to watch? I love going to the mall to do it, but unless you sit in the food court, you don’t get to see people for longer than 20 seconds.

The most important part of people watching is to get a variety, and the food court is a great place for that. Also, you can overhear conversations and not down some great pieces of dialogue. The quick turn over always offers lots of people to eavesdrop on and makers you inconspicuous because no one I will notice you sitting there for extended periods of time.

When I’m hunting for a good character, I tend to watch for big groups of people. The best thing about a large group is that it holds the most options for the perfect character. If you’re starting from scratch, the different options are endless in a group of just four people. If you’re starting from a few characteristics – shy, loud, gentle, brave – then that makes a group fun in the sense that you can take characteristics that match the personality that you want, and create a strong, round character.

Finding your protagonist in a crowd isn’t hard, but one character that can be hard (and a lot of fun) to find, is your antagonist. Usually, they’re loners that are obsessed with revenge, or maybe they’re the popular “it” girl with identical drones giggling at everything they say and do. Regardless, essentially every person exists at the mall, and with the right skills and knowledge, can be found.

Antagonists can typically be found in stores, particularly in long lines that are moving at a snail’s pace. Those bring out the ugly in just about everyone, so you’ll find the bad and shady characteristics there. The same thing goes for the ones arguing with the cashiers. They have all the traits you can want for a kick-butt antagonist.

The mall works in finding new characters so well because people tend to relax, they figure that there are too many people to worry about being watched. At first, the “prim and proper” personality is up in front of the real personality and everything is correct and polite. By the time they’re ready to leave the food court or the store, though, they have started to let their guard down and their real personality shine through, allowing you to get to the good stuff.

That all being said, the best dialogue, plot twists, or personality traits can hit at anytime, so, like all writers advise, always have a pen and paper on you for just such an occasion. Characters are crucial, so don’t use the stock ones because you can’t think of anything else. Possibilities are all around you, so there is no excuse not to have a great character.

What do you see as the most important element in a story? Do you prefer to read about stock or original characters? What are some examples of strong characters?