Life as a Superstar

Music, as I have mentioned in various posts, is something that has always been a part of my life. I have a passion for creating music and listening to it. Due to this attraction, it only made sense for me to record my own CD, which I did a year ago. The entire process probably took close to a year and a half, and thought it was exhilerating, it was also totally exhausting!

The first step to creating a CD is to pick the songs that you’re going to record, obviously, but the hard part is knowing which ones you will actually end up recording. As any singer will know, you can’t always sing the songs you want because when performing something, you always have to go with what best suits your voice. Originally, I had seven songs that I was going to record. By the time I was ready to actually record, I was down to four songs, and only one of them was from the original list.

The recording itself was definitely the hardest part because it had to revolve around sicknesses and fatigue, not to mention the normal elements that eat up time, like school and work. It took from July to December to get everything recording, and it was gruelling process.

The hardest part of actually recording a song is staying focused. When you record, you get tense, and it takes several hours to get a good basic track down. I learned early on that it is crucial to have the words memorized on the recording day, because even if you have everything memorized and ready to go, recording causes the dreaded problem that I ran into all the time…spontaneous forgetfulness.

This happens when you are a couple takes into the process and you’ve been singing for an hour or two. The last two takes went well, but you kept messing up on that one spot. This time, you’re going to focus everything on that one spot and make sure you get it right. Simple, enough, right? Once you start singing, however, you quickly realize that in all your focusing, the words have gone out of your head.


Image Credit: www.ehow.com (Google)
Image Credit: http://www.ehow.com (Google)

Poof, gone. And just like that, the frustration grows into anger and hatred for the entire process. This anger is exactly why it took over five months to record four songs. It is a time-consuming, angering experience, but it’s one that I meant a lot to me and when I look back now, I see all the good moments, rather than the bad ones.

There were days when I would literally throw things across the room in frustration, and there were others when I was totally exhausted, but so happy I had finished. Recording a CD is not something I will be doing anytime soon again, but I definitely recommend it to anyone who loves to sing. I learned a lot about my voice and it was a great experience!

Does anyone have experiences they would like to share? Go ahead and display your stardom!