Writer Talk

As writers, we are in charge of a lot of things when creating our imaginary worlds. We have to consider plot twists, character development, and keep an eye on those pesky, ever-present plot holes. It’s not surprising that non-writers talk about how most of us seem to be lost in our own worlds, because we usually are. It’s not easy ruling the world, you know!

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In my Creative Writing classes, we do a lot of critiquing (which I talked about in another post) and it’s great to be able to discuss our work with fellow writers. They will get what you’re trying to do with that expression, or why you put that comma where you did. That being said, it’s hard to include a non-writer in a situation with a bunch of fellow writers because of the difference in conversation topics.

For example, a couple of days ago, I had just finished up in a Creative Writing class and was running off to a Spanish one. When I arrived, my friend asked me how my class had been. It had been an extremely productive class and there had been so much excited conversation that we had gone over the time limit, causing me to rush.

Forgetting that she wasn’t writer, I started explaining about how we had gone over the time limit because we were so busy debating over whether one of the phrases should had had a semi colon instead of a colon. Her blank eyes and amused smile reminded me of how strange and bizarre I must be sounding to her, going on and on about grammar.

That proved to me how valuable it is to have friends that hare writers as well as how important it is to have friends who aren’t. They keep us balanced as people and make sure we don’t live in our writing worlds too much. There is much to be learned from the real world, after all, and we’re missing out by living entirely in our created one.

I have to say, though, having a group of writer friends makes me feel really good about myself as a writer. I can discuss a powerful line in a movie and they will understand why it means so much to me. Even if they don’t like the same particular line, good writing is good writing. Between two writers, the friendship has a level that is beyond words, it’s more about the passion of words. When talking about a good line of dialogue, sometimes the conversation will go in circles just because there’s so much to say about this particular line. To non-writers, it’s incredibly boring. But fellow writers would leave the conversation with a buzz of energy that is telling us to go and write something as amazing as that.

For all the writers out there, what are some inspiring conversations that you’ve had with fellow writers? What about any good writer jokes? Share away!


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