An Ideal World

As the school year starts up again, I find myself thinking about my own time in high school. It was a rough experience for me, as it was for many people, I’m sure, and I spend a lot of time wondering how it could have been made better. For me, the only thing that mattered was my school work. I was your typical nerd, going around with a backpack heavier than I was, and spending my lunch hours working on homework. My Friday afternoons and evenings were spent the same way, and a social life wasn’t something that I deemed important.

Since my life revolved around my school work, I found myself dreaming about an ideal school, a world that revolved around students. In this perfect school, us students wouldn’t have to shuffle from class to class, the teachers would do all the moving. We would be able to have those desks that the elementary schools had, the ones with the space inside of them to store books and supplies. The classes would be an hour long, so we had time to learn, but it didn’t drag on for so long that we would get bored.

Our school uniform would be jeans and a sloppy t-shirt, so we could all be comfortable. Our chairs would be covered in pillows, no more plastic chairs that were painful. Most importantly, we would be allowed to listen to music. I’m someone that listens to orchestra or soundtrack discs when I study and work on something that I need to concentrate on. It helps me stay calm and on track, and I always feel better when I finish my work. There are schools that do this, and I think it’s a great idea! Most teens and kids respond well to music, it’s something that we all can connect with.

Image Credit: homedesignlover.com (Google)

School is something that can be hard and frustrating for many students, and having little things like the ones I’ve suggested can really help make the whole experience much better. Personally, I think if some (or, ideally, all) of these things had been in my high school experience, I would have been a much happier student, and have more fond memories of school. I know that I’m one of the rare people that didn’t care about a social life, but I think that all of these ideas would help all students, no matter what social group they belonged in.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that schools are the worst thing ever, and I certainly didn’t hate my high school. Though it was a not-so-good experience, I have a handful of good memories that I don’t want to forget. That being said, these ideas would simply help create more good memories to join the ones I already have.

Are there any suggestions that you would like to share? Or, perhaps, some awesome things that your high school did to help make the whole experience better?


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