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Stuck in the Block

All writers experience writers block once in a while. For me, it usually happens when I’ve been writing everyday for a few weeks and I run out of steam. I also get writer’s block when I start writing two different pieces at the same time, or if I’m writing a paper for school at the same time as working on a creative piece for myself. It is something that frustrates all writers, and I’m no exception.

I don’t have any tricks in completely getting rid of writers block, but I do have a few that work 50% of the time. The first one is a book that I bought called The Writer’s Block and it’s this fabulous little book that has over 700 ideas to get your motivation going again. There are a combination of pictures and little thought-provoking quotes, and prompts to choose from. Whenever I reach a scene that I just can’t get right, I take a break and do something else, and then come back and flip through this book and after reading a couple pages of it, I’m able to get myself through the scene.

Another little tool that I use is Wordle, an amazing online program that lets you copy and paste what you’re working on, and it’ll pull out your most used words and create this little cloud of writing. Here’s an example of a screen-caped Wordle that is made up of all of the posts on this blog:

Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 11.53.17 AM
The screen-cap from Wordle using all of the posts from Quillers.

To me, this is something really inspiring about seeing all of your work sitting there in a cloud for you to see. You can tell which words you used the most, and it lets you look at all of the work that you’ve done. It’s one of my favourite programs and I use it after I’ve finished every piece, just to see it all displayed in front of me.

Lastly, I will call up a friend and talk about what I’m working on and the problems that I’m having with it. Even if they can’t suggest anything, just voicing the issues out loud can sometimes get my brain going again. Also, if I’m able to solve the problem on the phone, I get very excited and the only thing I want to do for the rest of the day is write.

If these worked all of the time, I’m sure I would be able to kick writer’s block out the door no problem, but unfortunately, sometimes all it does it make me want to write, but not help me get past the block. Both types of writer’s block are frustrating, because I want to finish something and I have the motivation to write it, but I can’t get past the problem. Or, I have lots of ideas in how to fix the problem, but I don’t have the motivation to actually do it.

Someday I hope to find the perfect solution to the problem of writer’s block, but until then, I’ll keep using what I’ve used previously. Does anyone have any tips for getting over writer’s block that they’d like to share?


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