The Spirit of Creativity

Creativity is something that everyone has encountered, whether it is in an art gallery, a concert, or a play. It comes in all shapes and forms and is a way to express how someone feels when words are not able to do the trick.

Image Credit: Abstract 1 by Sharon Cummings, fineartamerica.com (Google)

Growing up, anyone with a creative streak would know that being “normal” could be hard at times. We would look at ordinary objects and see something unique about them. For example, we would look at a jungle gym with its bright painted colours, and see the potential it could have to become a piece of art, a setting for a story, or the inspiration for a song. Essentially, being creative means harnessing the imagination and using it to help make extraordinary pieces of self-expression that other people will be able to relate to. In all its forms, art is how creative people communicate with the world.

Creativity can be alienating, which is part of why growing up is so hard. In childhood, imagination is something that all children have and allow to run freely. It is only when we get older that this trait is pushed down in order to fit in with friends and classmates. Creative people are unable to suppress this seemingly undesired trait because it is a part of who we are, and cannot be changed.

Being a creative person can also be hard on self-esteem. It’s mostly because of what you’ve already read, feeling out of place amongst colleagues and friends, but it can also be more general than that. In its simplest form, creativity symbolizes strength. Creative people often feel alone due to their different perspectives on just about everything: we are called weird, crazy, or annoying. We stand up to the world everyday and tell it that being creative is a good thing…that it is different, but not wrong.

An example in from my life where I would have to remind myself that being creative is a good thing would be poetry. For as long as I can remember, I would read a poem as homework, and no matter how hard I tried, I would never understand the message the way my classmates did. Sure, poetry is meant to be open to interpretation, but whatever I understood would be far away from how my other classmates interpreted the poem. I would read the same stanza as them and understand words or placement of punctuation differently. It would frustrate me to no end, and, even now, it still does.

Every single person has a creative streak in them, no matter how big or small it is, and this means that we all have the capacity to understand individuality and original thought. So, creativity is something that should be embraced, and people with a particularly strong streak should be shown that it is something to be proud of and embraced, not hidden away or repressed. What do you think? Am I the only one that believes this?


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